Cools and soothes
Does not stick to the wound

Hydrogel dressing HEALER GEL® is a complexation of cross-linked polymers of natural and synthetic origin. Dressing size 9x12 cm, in the form of a sheet of hydrogel with a thickness of about 3.5 mm (+/- 0.5 mm) with reinforced non-woven material, which gives the dressing sufficient strength and prevents the destruction of the hydrogel.

The 3D mesh of hydrogel dressings promotes wound epithelialization, rehydration, and shedding of dry necrotic eschar. The structure of the HEALER® hydrogel allows it to act as a draining sorbent and drain the wound exudate.

The dense network structure of HEALER® hydrogels protects the wound from infection and prevents bacteria from entering the wound area. The flexibility and resilience of the hydrogel dressing provides effective wound coverage in different parts of the body. Gel dressings HEALER GEL® are easily and painlessly removed from the wound surface.

The hydrogel properties of the HEALER GEL® dressing are able to maintain the normal osmotic pressure of tissue cells, which in turn protects the wound from excessive drying and promotes granulation, epithelialization and autolytic debridement of the wound surface.

Due to the moisture entering the wound from the HEALER GEL® hydrogel dressing, the processes of granulation and epidermal repair are simplified. In addition, the feeling of coolness that the hydrogel imparts to the wound provides pain relief. When the wound surface is moistened, discomfort and the risk of infection are reduced.

The use of a hydrogel dressing should be avoided when the wound is very wet or has a strong exudate.

The bactericidal activity of HEALER GEL® gel dressings has been tested and confirmed by the microbiological laboratory of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine State Institution “Institute of Public Health named after. A.N. Marzeev” and is due to the presence of the active substance PHMB-GC TM Vantocil TG produced in Switzerland.

If necessary, the bandage can be cut to the required size using sterile scissors. The remaining part of the bandage can be stored for a long time in the original bag, which is equipped with a zip closure, so that the bag can be easily and tightly closed and opened many times.

The HEALER GEL atraumatic gel bandage does not stick to the wound, it is easily and painlessly removed when dressing, without injuring the area of the burn/wound.

If the bandage has already dried, cover it with a gauze compress moistened with HEALER® antiseptic for damaged skin or saline solution, which will cause it to swell and facilitate removal from the wound.

Recommended for home, car, office first-aid kits. For first-aid kits of children's preschool and educational institutions. For army first-aid kits of tactical medicine.