At the height of the season of respiratory viral diseases, everyone is worried about the question "How to protect yourself from infection?"

It doesn't matter what the name of the virus is, the tactics of preventing the disease are the same for both seasonal and any other flu. The main thing to remember is that the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets and, first of all, the respiratory organs suffer from it.

Measures for the prevention of influenza and URTI


1. Get a flu shot if possible, but it will only work if all family members are vaccinated.

2. Remember that garlic, onions, various tinctures, tablets do not have an antiviral effect. They only work to calm the nervous system.

3.The virus is transmitted from person to person, because the fewer people, the less chance of catching it. Quarantine is the best prevention of an epidemic.

4. Wash your hands as often as possible, use Healer antiseptics and wet wipes. Try to avoid shaking hands and only use plastic cards, as the surface of banknotes can carry flu.

5. Oxolinic ointment must be applied every 2 hours, otherwise it will be ineffective. If you need long-term protection, use the HEALER Antiseptic Spray: spray the product on your finger and treat the nasal passages. It will fight viruses for 6 hours.

6. To prevent the infection from spreading, the sick person must wear a mask, but it must be changed every 30 to 40 minutes.

7. Room temperature should be approximately 20 ° C, humidity 50-70%. At the same time, it is very important to often do wet cleaning, since during the heating season the air in the apartments is dry, which is why the spread of the virus increases.

8. Moisturize the nasal mucosa frequently with saline or seawater drops.

Always be healthy!