частые заблуждения об отдыхе с детьми

MYTH 1. It is better not to travel until the child grows up, gets stronger, teeth cut through, starts sitting, walking, etc.

Perhaps this is the most popular myth. When planning a vacation with children, parents want not just to relax, but to improve their health and get the most out of the trip. When the child is very young, the parents think: "Now he is 2 months old, when he is 1 year old, then we will go." But the little one turns a year old, a new excuse appears “when he goes,” later - “when he learns to go to the potty,” and so on.

Children grow up and with each new round of their development new problems appear. Teeth erupted - the whims of the first year began, the whims ended - the mental imbalance of two years began, which gradually develops into a crisis of three years and can be continued indefinitely.

Your child will never become “comfortable” for you. He constantly at the "inappropriate" moment will want to go to the toilet, eat, be capricious, throw tantrums and fall asleep. Just accept the fact that life with children becomes unpredictable, and changing a diaper, in our time, will not be difficult if you have wet wipes with you.

In addition, if you are going to travel to countries with a similar climate, then you should not worry about how the baby will transfer the trip. It is your mood and fears that can negatively affect the condition of the child and spoil the whole experience of the rest. If you are not sure that you can handle it, it is better to stay at home.

Be calm, balanced, positively minded, and then the journey will pass without unnecessary hassle and leave only pleasant memories.

MYTH 2: When traveling, a child encounters many germs.

Of course, the journey from one place to another is almost always associated with visiting places with a huge number of people.

Bacteria are everywhere, because our life is far from sterile, and every second your baby is attacked by millions of microbes. And the chance of catching an infection at the airport is the same as in the supermarket, on a children's birthday, or even in the elevator.

The only rule that will help you avoid many troubles is to wash your hands more often. If there is no water, use an antiseptic, such as HEALER, which creates a thin film on your hands that protects the body from infections, and wet wipes.

MYTH 3. The child will not be interested, because he does not understand anything

This misconception applies to city travel or excursions.

Naturally, the child will not remember all the information, especially if he is very small. But all the same, somewhere in the subconscious, information about a park or a museum will be deposited. In addition, such trips greatly expand the horizons of the little person.

On the other hand, for example, it seems to the grandmother that the baby will not be interested. What about your parents? After all, they are people too, and life should not revolve only around the child. Therefore, feel free to go to museums. And if you show interest in something, then the child will also be interested. Plus, when the parents are happy and contented, the baby is also happy.

MYTH 4. The kid will have nothing to eat while traveling

This is probably one of the stupidest travel myths with children. Believe me, in no tourist country in the world a child died of hunger.

In every hotel, even if there is no children's menu, you can choose something suitable. For example, oatmeal in the morning, pasta, pizza for lunch. When the baby has not yet eaten such food, you can take jars of porridge with you and ask to cook the food separately.

If you are traveling on your own, then choose accommodation with a kitchen, so that you can cook the usual food for your child. Or eat in restaurants and cafes. In extreme cases, if the baby refuses to eat at all, you can buy fruits in supermarkets. The main rule in such cases - does not want to eat, do not force.

We wish you a pleasant and safe stay. HEALER antiseptics are your reliable travel protection.