Everyone knows that sports are only beneficial, but if you neglect the basic rules of hygiene during classes, you can forget about the positive effect.

Fitness mats, mats, exercise machines and showers are home to a wide variety of bacteria. We offer you a list of the most infected places and recommendations to help you avoid infection.


In all gyms, the treadmill is the most demanded exercise machine. But during training, drops of sweat, saliva, nasal secretions and other fluids fall on it. Studies show that the surface of the simulator is home to 100 times more microorganisms than the tap of a public shower. Therefore, use the HEALER Sport Antiseptic Spray to clean your hands before starting exercise.

Free Weight Trainers

As in the case of the treadmill, the surface of the exercise equipment, as well as the benches, should be wiped with a napkin. At the end of your workout, wash your hands or disinfect with HEALER Antiseptic Spray.

Fitness mat

On the fitness mat, everyone usually gets bare feet. They work out, sweat, and then roll up without letting dry. And in a humid environment, bacteria thrive. To stop the growth of bacteria, treat the mat with HEALER disinfectant or machine wash after each session.


Some pool goers forget to shower before diving into the water. This causes their sweat, cosmetics and other body fluids to react with the chlorine in the water, reducing its activity. Meanwhile, the pool may contain germs that cause infections, skin rashes and diarrhea. Therefore, after visiting the pool, you must take a shower and wash yourself with soap.

Changing room and shower room

In order not to pick up the fungus, it is imperative to wear rubber slippers in the locker room and shower and treat your feet with Healer Sport foot antiseptic. And after use, fold the towel into a disposable bag so that you can immediately throw it into the wash or dry it.