Many people like to go to the skating rink, rollerdrome or bowling, but almost no one thinks about the fact that sometimes the consequences of such a pastime may not be very pleasant. The thing is that usually the shoes in the rental are practically not processed, the maximum that they can do is dry them, repair them. But if there is a very large influx of visitors, then, most likely, no one dries skates or bowling shoes. And in a humid warm environment, as you know, fungi and bacteria spread very quickly. Read on for what it is fraught with.

Types and symptoms of foot fungus

Mycosis is the general name for a fungal infection of the skin of the feet in humans. Symptoms of a fungus infection include dry skin, foul odor, peeling skin on the heels, toes and between the toes.

Onychomycosis (nail fungus)

Fungus infection of the nail plates. The infection is accompanied by severe itching, after which small cracks and scratches appear on the skin, and the fungus spreads to the nails. Stripes from white to dark yellow appear on them. Gradually, the entire nail changes color, loses its shine, deforms, thickens and collapses. Pain when walking is very common.

Rubrophytosis (rubromycosis)

A highly contagious fungus. You can get infected even by touching the patient's belongings. In the early stages, the disease proceeds imperceptibly. Itching, burning appear much later, at the same time, nail damage begins. Blisters, crusts, pustules, plaques form on the sole, causing discomfort while walking.

Foot candidiasis

To pick up a fungus of the genus Candida is more difficult than rubromycosis or onychomycosis, but this does not mean that you need to neglect the rules of personal hygiene. Fungi of this type are present in small quantities in the body of every person, but when they multiply, due to a decrease in immunity and other reasons, they cause very unpleasant symptoms: hyperemia (overflow of blood in the blood vessels), maceration (swelling of the epidermis with prolonged contact with water), swelling, pustules and flat vesicles.


How not to catch the fungus?

Shoe covers are given out to prevent fungal diseases at skate rentals or bowling alleys, but this is not a completely reliable way to protect yourself from infection. Neither shoe covers nor thick socks are able to protect the feet from the penetration of fungus. Therefore, before putting on shoes from the rental, treat your feet with HEALER antiseptic foot spray. Thanks to its prolonged action, the antiseptic will protect your feet from harmful microorganisms for about 6 hours.