Sanitizer: what is it and why is it needed?

Exhibition "Arms and Security 2018"

Antiseptics HEALER are now on Parfums.ua

Cooperation with Socar Energy Ukraine

The company "HEALER" helps the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Antiseptics HEALER Military on the pages of the magazine "World of Hobbies"

Association with the National trading centres network “Epicentr K”

The brand owner of HEALER Roman Politov in the business environment of the UEA (Ukrainian Employer Association)

Beginning of work with the arms store "Tactichnі sistemi"

Antiseptics HEALER Military in the chain of weapons stores "ibis"

New publication of HEALER in the journal Emergency Medicine.

Congratulations to our reliable partners, the "Family Pharmacy" network with the opening of three new pharmacies.

Rational Solutions Ukraine general partner of the scientific-practical conference

Rational Solutions Ukraine is the general partner in the celebration of the Children's Day

Rational Solutions Ukraine presented the products of HEALER trademark in Kharkov

Presentation of the HEALER trademark at the 7th International Medical Forum

«Cleanliness Experiment» started

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