To prevent the spread of viral infections, modernized air purification systems - HEPA filters are installed on board jet aircraft, which retain 99.97% of strains of bacteria and viruses. But during the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, as well as during a long stay on the ground, the system turns off, which leads to the rapid spread of infections.

The hands, mouths and noses of passengers sitting next to you are potential threats. Two seats behind you, two in front, left and right are the infection zone. In addition, there are several reasons why the chance of catching a bacillus on an airplane increases.

The dry air on board promotes the rapid growth of bacteria, which can easily penetrate the mucous membranes. In conditions of low humidity, the mucous membrane dries up and can no longer block infections. Plus, at an altitude of 10 thousand meters, our body quickly gets tired, which makes it more susceptible to diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. In addition, viruses and bacteria remain active for about a day. Therefore, contaminated folding tables, pockets on the back of seats, which can be clogged with paper napkins, garbage, handkerchiefs, are a direct source of infection. And what lurks in the blankets and pillows that are given out on planes is impossible even to imagine. Better to avoid using these items.

Precautionary measures
On the plane, the risk of catching a runny nose or cough is very high, so passengers should follow the simplest precautions.

- Drink water as often as possible and moisturize your nasal passages with saline solution.

- Wipe your hands with HEALER antiseptic. Most often, we infect ourselves by touching lips, eyes and nose with dirty hands.

- Use HEALER antiseptic and a tissue while wiping down the folding table.

- Never check the contents of the seat back pockets.

- Turn on the air vent. The purified air will blow away all airborne germs. Inform the crew if the ventilation system is not working.

- Try changing seats if your neighbor coughs or sneezes. The duration of the flight of drops from one sneeze reaches 2 meters, and their number can exceed 30,000.

- Use a paper towel to press the flush button or open the door in the toilet. If suddenly there is no towel, treat your hands with HEALER antiseptic after using the toilet.

Everything will go smoothly if you have taken all the precautions. And then the immune system will take care of us, because it is designed in such a way as to minimize the risk of infection of the body, and does everything necessary for this.

We wish you a successful flight!